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Zeynep Serra Özler

Medical Student

Zeynep Serra was born in 2001 in İskenderun. She completed her high school education at Erzincan Science High School. Since 2019 she has been a medical student at Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU) Faculty of Medicine.

Her passion in neuroscience encouraged her to do voluntary internships in neuropharmacology and neurophysiology labs of ESOGU. 


For the last year, she has been involved with translational and multidisciplinary medical research and previously completed a month-long internship at Koç University Research Center for Translational Medicine (KUTTAM). In addition, she is a current bursary of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) 2247-C STAR bursary program .



  • Cetin N, Canolu Z, Ozler Z, Erol K, Cilek M, Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Toilet Education and the Relationship Between Toilet Training Age and Voiding Dysfunction. Türk Tıp Öğrencileri Araştırma Dergisi (Turkish Medical Students Research Journal), 2020;2(3):126-134

Hobbies: Playing chess, reading book, travelling. 

Zeynep Serra Özler
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