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Project #8 Investigation of the Temperature Change Caused by Eye Rubbing on the Ocular Surface Using High-Resolution Thermal Camera

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TÜBİTAK 2209-A Undergraduate Student Project


₺ 8,500

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Using thermal camera to detect corneal temperature change induced by eye rubbing

Eye rubbing is a physiological response triggered by dust or allergen exposure, contact lens use, stress or it is due to atopip diseases. Cyclical eye rubbing has been reported to cause an increase in temperature on the corneal surface, which may lead to a decrease in corneal bending resistance and pave the way for ectatic diseases. It has been suggested that friction caused by eyelid movement during eye rubbing and the tight closure of the eyes may lead to a significant increase in surface temperature due to the cornea's proximity to the vascular-rich palpebral conjunctiva. This study aims to investigate the temperature changes caused by eye rubbing on the corneal surface in healthy individuals.

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