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Project #4 Developing a PRP-laden hydrogel contact lens for the treatment of ocular surface chemical injuries

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Combining hydrogels with biological products for the treatment of ocular surface chemical/thermal injuries

Ocular surface chemical injuries mostly occur due to workplace-related injuries and/or accidents and constitute 7% to 18% of ocular emergency admissions. Despite intensive topical, systemic and, surgical treatments, the widespread damage in severe cases result in limbal stem cell (LSC) insufficiency and consequent severe visual loss. Interventions performed in the chronic stage (e.g. LSC transplantation, corneal transplantation) are costly and the long-term visual and anatomical results are oftentimes insufficient. 

In this project we aim to formulate and optimize a methodology for manufacturing a growth factor enriched hydrogel biomaterial for the acute treatment of ocular surface chemical injuries.

This project is supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Project Number: 220S674

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